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How to Leave the House With a New Baby

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Leaving the house with a new baby can feel incredibly daunting! How will I feed my baby in public? Where will I change her? What happens if we don’t get home for nap time? Other people will be upset by him crying!

In the first few weeks, you don't really want to leave home too much at all. But eventually the walls start closing in and it will come time to venture out into the world...with a brand new baby and the kitchen sink in tow!

First things first. Accept that things will not go according to plan. You will forget something. You will be late. There will be a feeding emergency and likely a poo explosion too! Your baby will cry in public. You will need to leave halfway through an event. Or stop halfway to the event. Naps will be interrupted. Babies are unpredictable at the best of times!

"So how on earth do I manage this?" I hear you asking. Well you've come to the right place! Preparation and planning are absolutely key!

Step 1 - Pick a starting point

Step 2 - Enlist help

Step 3 - Be prepared

Step 4 - Have a back up plan

Step 1 - Pick a Starting Point

  • Practice feeding your baby & changing nappies in the car in your driveway

  • Get familiar with your breastfeeding clothes at home

  • Live out of your nappy bag only for 4 hours at home

  • Put baby in the carrier or pram and walk around the block

  • Practice juggling the pram, nappy bag and baby

  • Be confident with how to set up and disassemble your pram - plus actually get it in the car!

  • Leave the house when baby is crying - even if you only walk to the end of the driveway and back!

Step 2 - Enlist help

  • Enlist the help of a friend to take baby out in the car

  • Visit your friends or family at their home

  • Ask one of your friends out for coffee on the condition that they don't let you cancel!

  • Find your local library and go to baby rhyme or story time

  • Join your local ABA group (you can find your local group here

Step 3 - Be prepared Take a well stocked nappy bag

o Nappies x6 o Wipes o Travel size nappy cream o Plastic nappy bags for disposal o Travel change mat o Hand sanitiser o Change of baby clothes x2 eg. x2 singlets, x2 onesies o Change of shirt for mum o Large Ziploc/plastic bags x2 o Dummy x2 (if using) o Small toys x2 o Thin wrap and thick wrap o Tissues o Baby sunscreen and hat o Bibs or burp cloths x2

For breastfeeding o Breast pads o Nipple cream For bottle feeding o Expressed breastmilk in two bottles in a thermo bag (cold or fresh pumped) o Or cooled boiled water in two bottles o Measured formula for two feeds

For mum

o Keys, phone, purse, lip balm, mints, sunglasses, snacks, water

o Phone charger cable, book or magazine or ebook/audio book loaded onto phone

Step 4 - Have a back up plan

  • Always allow extra time to get there

  • Meet up in outdoor venues where you will have more space and feel less worried about bothering other people if your baby cries

  • Order your drinks to go, even if you sit in the café to drink them

  • Go outside of peak times

  • Learn where the parent rooms and public toilets are in your area

  • Use your baby carrier, especially in unfamiliar places that may not be pram friendly

  • Pick activities that are aimed at parents and babies

  • Sit near the exit of the venue so you can take your baby outside if needed

Hot Tips

  • Program all emergency numbers into your phone eg. GP, medicare number, MCHN help line, insurance details etc

  • Make up an emergency card and keep one in your nappy bag, handbag, car and a copy in your phone. Include your details, names and numbers of emergency contacts, the name and age of your baby, any medical conditions, allergies or medications and directions for feeding your baby eg. if you are breastfeeding or the brand of formula you use

  • Keep an emergency kit in the boot of your car with x2 nappies, wipes, nappy bags, hand sanitiser, onesie, wrap and a shirt for mum, manual breast pump or extra bottle

  • Keep an audio book or your favourite album on your phone so you can drive an extra half an hour on the way home if baby is asleep in the car

  • Keep an extra phone charger cable in the car

Like everything as a new parent, leaving the house with a baby does eventually get easier. You will find your own rhythm and routine, work out your must have items and learn to leave the house even if your baby is crying or tired or cranky.

How did you manage to get out of the house in those early newborn weeks? What is your must have item when leaving the house? What advice would you give to new parents venturing out with their new baby?

Share your tips and stories below!

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