Setting you up for success!

Professional breastfeeding

and parenting support.


Trusting your instincts.


Supportive, Professional IBCLC in Melbourne

Having a new baby is an exciting time. But for most new parents it is also completely overwhelming! We can help you to overcome your unique challenges and set you up for success.

We specialise in breastfeeding and parenting support, working to combine your baby's needs with your parenting preferences into a plan that works for your family.


How We Can Help You

Breastfeeding Support

  • Nipple and breast pain

  • Position and attachment

  • Oral tie support

  • Breast fussiness and refusal

  • Low supply / Over supply

  • Mastitis / Thrush

Pumping Support

  • Babies in NICU

  • Supply challenges

  • Adding / removing pumping

  • Creating a freezer stash

  • Returning to work

  • Weaning

Bottlefeeding Support

  • Introducing bottle feeds

  • Decreasing bottle feeds

  • Reflux / fussiness 

  • Mixed feeding 

  • Bottle / breast confusion

  • Nipple shields

Parenting Support

  • Understanding your newborn

  • Normal infant feeding

  • Normal infant sleep

  • Normal infant behaviours

  • Managing family routines and emotions


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Melbourne, Victoria

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